Reformer article on our 35th anniversary. "We've got to compete with Amazon for every dime," said Braus. "But, fortunately, we have a lot of people who are very loyal to us. Every day they come in and tell me they would rather pay a little more than give money to the 'Evil Empire.'"  Braus said she and Geidel wanted Everyone's Books to embody both their vision of a community resource and the values that Vermonters hold dear — social justice, climate awareness and diversity.

Books for Everyone - including police detainees  'You might think Braus would have found some self-help books to donate to the police department, but Braus thought the last thing someone wants to read while sitting in a holding cell is a non-fiction book. "I would love to send stuff that is relevant or important, but if someone is stuck in jail for a weekend, escapism is the way to go," she said.'